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Voice of Longquan

The Voice of Longquan spreads Buddha’s teachings through Western social media platforms. Ideas surrounding mental cultivation and balanced living — exploring nature, humans, society — applying traditional Chinese culture and Buddhism to solve (wo)man’s modern problems. Something that can greatly benefit the entire world — the way to enlightenment.

Updated: Oct 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Volunteer with Beijing’s Longquan Buddhist monastery to share enlightenment with others — and approach enlightenment within yourself. Here’s your opportunity to provide positive energy and ancient wisdom with the online world.

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Join the social media team

Build an online bridge between Eastern and Western thought

Updated: Oct 2019

Buddha’s wisdom is well documented and discussed using Chinese language in Chinese society. The Voice of Longquan’s overseas social media promotion team circulates these valuable lessons using English (and other languages) with the rest of the world — reaching more people who wish to learn about Buddhism.

An ideal volunteer at Longquan Monastery would be passionate about Buddhism as well as Chinese culture — even better if fluent in both English and Chinese. Primary volunteer roles include:

  • Managing social media campaigns
  • Creating & promoting content on social media
  • Selection & editing of English content
  • Writing & translating blog posts

To learn more about how you can get involved, check out the Longquan Buddhist monastery’s volunteer page and fill out the volunteer application form — or email Voice of Longquan and say how you’d like to help.

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Promote Buddhism your way

Propose how you’d like to help, based on your own skills and passions

Updated: Oct 2019

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert social media maven. Wanting to help is the first step.

Social media is the main channel by which Voice for Longquan spreads its message. However, if you’re not keen on social media, but super passionate about traditional Chinese culture and Buddhist thought — then the team at Longquan Monastery would still love to hear from you.

Think about a unique way you can help — building upon your own interests, skillset, and expertise — to promote Chinese Buddhism in a manner that is uniquely yours.

To begin discussion about the volunteer position that’s right for you, simply email Voice for Longquan with your proposal.

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email
Email: ← Tap to email
Phone: 010-624-09092 ← Tap to call
WeChat: bjlongquansi ← Tap to copy (WeChat official account)
Chinese Directions: View on Baidu Maps
English Directions: View on Google Maps
Chinese Address: 北京市海淀区龙泉寺路27号
Pinyin Address: Beijing City, Haidian District, Longquan Si Lu, No. 27

People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Voice of Longquan what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

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Robot Monk

Mission 🙏

In the spirit transparency, please be aware that in 2018 a certain leader at Longquan Monastery was accused of sexual misconduct. At Hao Laowai, we firmly believe all forms of sexual harassment are unacceptable. Media coverage reports, the accused leader has already stepped down from his position, and is no longer associated with Longquan Monastery. With the accused leader removed, we decided to give the hundreds of people at Longquan Monastery the benefit of the doubt and list them on our website. If you decide to contact Longquan Monastery, please be aware of this incident and use your own judgment.

Located in Beijing’s Haidian District, Longquan Monastery has thousands of years of history practicing, developing, and teaching Buddhist principles. Founded in 951 AD, Longquan monastery has survived societal change all the way through several ancient Chinese dynasties and into the modern age.

Facing todays ultra-connected, fast-paced, materialistic, global society — Longquan Monastery does not protest our generation’s drastic technological and social change — but accepts and celebrates it. A very Buddhist response, if you ask me.

The spiritual center today is home to over 100 dedicated monks and nuns who’ve demonstrated humbly awesome spiritual strength — aspiration, mindfulness morality, expertise and more. The team has adapted their teaching methods, widely adopting technology to spread the message and help others on the way to enlightenment. The monastery’s tech-enabled “Voice of Longquan” project is born.

Already, the project has achieved many ways to grant access to people who wish to learn about Buddhism, including:

  • Website online in seven languages
  • Books published in various languages (most notably “365 Days at Beijing Longquan Monastery”)
  • Comics and cartoons focused on Buddhist themes
  • Machine learning technology that reads Buddhist literature
  • Robot monk that utilizes AI to help people learn about Buddhism
  • …and more!

Voice of Longquan’s mission is to bring the treasures of ancient Chinese traditions into modern life — offering jewels of wisdom relevant to the very problems we face today — as individuals and as a society. As the world grows smaller through connectivity, Voice of Longquan aims to establish fruitful exchange between the East and West. To do so, the monks and nuns of Beijing’s Longquan Monastery humbly invite volunteers from around the globe to join together.

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