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Spittoon is a Beijing-based arts collective celebrating Chinese and foreign writers, artists, and literary enthusiasts. Dedicated to bringing Chinese writing and art to an English-language audience, they publish independent magazines and host regular literature events.

Updated: Nov 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Volunteer with the Spittoon Collective to immerse yourself in the Beijing’s esoteric literature scene. Readings, book clubs, cultural festivals — and still finding time to publish polished written word.

spittoon editor in chief simon delivering a thought provoking reading at beijing event

Join the community

Fiction readings, poetry workshops, and more — Find your literary calling

Updated: Nov 2019

Collaborating with scores of emerging and established writers, poets, and artists — Spittoon organizes regular literature readings and artistic performances hosted in intimate lesser-known venues. Aspiring poets can benefit from Spittoon’s constructive poetry workshops, which guide untapped talents to find their voice.

To attend an event or workshop, visit Spittoon’s Beijing events page or contact Sara via email.

Experienced writers are invited to submit their work for publication in Spittoon’s online poetry and fiction series. For details on how to submit your own writing, visit Spittoon’s submission page.

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Buy the magazine

Gain exposure to China’s most exciting new voices

Updated: Nov 2019

Spittoon’s staple publication —The Spittoon Literary Magazine — showcases poetry and fiction from contemporary Chinese writers to an English-language audience.

CUE (China Urban Expression) — Spittoon’s new comic book series — works with promising young Chinese artists to create well-crafted visual narratives.

To get your own copy of Spittoon’s fine publications, visit Spittoon’s magazine page — or if you prefer, skip straight to Spittoon’s Weidian.

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Get involved

Give back to Beijing's passionate community of readers and authors

Updated: Nov 2019

If you find that Spittoon’s work really resonates with you, there are opportunities to offer your time and skills. By volunteering with Spittoon, you’ll collaborate with some of Beijing’s most inspiring literary talents and explore the endless creative possibilities.

Join the team to promote transcultural writing that innovates, excites, and moves readers. Organize readings and workshops, strategize marketing and communications, edit and translate writer submissions — all these are areas you can help strengthen Spittoon’s growing international community.

For more details on how you can get involved as a volunteer, visit Spittoon’s openings page, or send your CV and cover letter via email.

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email (Main email)
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WeChat: gh_445feb28f8b4 ← Tap to copy
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People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Spittoon what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

matthew founder and director at spittoon beijing

Founder & Director

sara poet and events coordinator at spittoon beijing

Poet & Events Coordinator

simon editor in chief and co director at spittoon beijing

Editor in Chief & Co-Director

chen bo co director at spittoon beijing

Chen Bo

david managing web editor at spittoon beijing.jpg 26 documents 26 total pages 2019 11 12 01 38 58

Managing Web Editor

Mission 🙏

Western media — biased by political agenda — will too often dismiss China’s modern art and literature scene as unimaginative. Spittoon is working to change this overarching misconception by shining a positive light on Chinese literature — exposing a Western audience to China’s most creative and celebrated writers.

With deep roots in Beijing, Spittoon has grown its community to other cities around China and the world — with its sister collective in Chengdu, close cousins in Sweden, and scattered kin contributing from across the globe.

Spittoon lives as an international platform for arts and word — bringing creative people together, telling the stories you haven’t heard, and strengthening an international community of literary enthusiasts.

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