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Rotaract Beijing West

West does in Best! Based in Wudaokou, Rotaract Beijing West is a club for young professionals to socialize in person, exchange ideas, and plan community service projects. They’re one of Beijing’s most well-known volunteer groups taking action for positive change.

Updated: Oct 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Get involved with this group of young professionals making change in Beijing! As a member or sponsor, you’ll help make charitable events into a reality — plus make friends and build a network that lasts a lifetime.

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Join the next event

Support your local community in a variety of ways

Updated: Oct 2019

Rotaract Beijing West partners with some of Beijing’s best charities and NGOs to host a variety of events.

Breast cancer awareness, young adult career development seminars, day-trips to interact with disadvantaged children — you name it! Rotaract Beijing West is open to make positive change where it’s needed most.

To get involved, check out the events schedule on their website, or add Rotaract Beijing West on WeChat (WeChat ID: Rotaract-Beijing).

rotaract beijing wests visit to interact with children at migrant childrens foundation

Propose a project

Send over your community service proposal

Updated: Oct 2019

Do you or your organization have an idea for a new service project? The team at Rotaract Beijing West would love to hear from you!

To pitch your Beijing-based community service project idea, fill out the service proposal form on their website, or add Rotaract Beijing West on WeChat (WeChat ID: Rotaract-Beijing).

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email
WeChat: Rotaract-Beijing ← Tap to copy
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People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Rotaract Beijing West what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

mihaela 2019 2020 term president at rotaract beijing west


lois addo 2019 2020 term vice president at rotaract beijing west

Lois Addo

judith 2019 2020 term community service director and treasurer at beijing west

Community Service Director

bethan 2019 2020 term marketing and community director at rotaract beijing west

Marketing & Community Director

Mission 🙏

Rotaract Beijing West is a branch of Rotary Club Beijing — specialized for young adults committed to community service. As a local chapter of the international Rotary Club, the team looks at the world’s challenges in a new way. The best part? You’re welcome to join in.

Club members regularly get together in Beijing’s Wudaokao area to plan and organize community service initiatives like:

  • Hands-on service projects
  • Fun networking and social activities
  • Professional development opportunities

Hats off to the Rotaractors who make it all happen! The team collaborates with existing volunteer organizations encourage more people to volunteer. Here’s a list of recent activities and events bought to you by Rotaract Beijing West:

  • Visits to local charities like Migrant Children’s Foundation
  • Food drive donations for impoverished local youth
  • Mindfulness retreats to broaden your conciousness
  • Career seminars with respected guest life coaches
  • Fundraisers for breast cancer and other initiatives that save lives
  • Rotarian dinner events supporting a variety of good causes

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