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Rose Yard Rescue Group

With roots in Beijing’s famous 798, Rose Yard Rescue Group advocates for Beijing’s hundreds of thousands of stray dogs — with a unique artistic spin. They run a bespoke dog yard in Shunyi District — a loving, clean, safe and comfortable transit station that’s full of artistic character.

Updated: Oct 2019

Image credits: Rose Yard Rescue Group (Beijing) [1] [2]

Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Home to Beijing’s most photogenic pups, Rose Yard Rescue Group helps Beijing’s stray dogs put their best paw forward. Art projects, dog-centered events, media collaborations and more! For lovers of both dogs and art, Rose Yard is right for you!

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Follow Rose Yard

Dog-tastic events, adoption, and volunteer opportunities

Updated: Oct 2019

Rose Yard raises awareness for Beijing’s strays through their social media channel on WeChat. You’ll find:

  • Dog-friendly events
  • Announcements of special dog art projects
  • Listings of fashionable puppies up for adoption
  • Calls for volunteers to join in
  • …and other fun treats!

To keep up-to-date on Rose Yards unique fusion of art outreach and dog rescue, follow their WeChat official account (WeChat ID: gh_f904198fb814)

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Visit the yard

Mingle with Beijing’s most Instagrammable dogs

Updated: Oct 2019

The Rose Yard dog yard is located in Beijing’s Shunyi District northeast of the city center. What makes a good living environment for stray dogs? Go check it out for yourself!

The 80 plus pups residing at the yard all agree — this place rocks! At 2 acres, they keep the number of dogs low, so that each dog has a healthy amount of room to run and play. The facility is clean, well-equipped to care for dogs, and includes lots of artistic surprises both the dogs and human visitors enjoy.

To schedule a visit, simply email Stephanie, or add her WeChat (WeChat ID: stephatbib).

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email (Stephanie's contact)
WeChat: gh_f904198fb814 ← Tap to copy (WeChat official account)
WeChat: stephatbib ← Tap to copy (Stephanie's contact)
Chinese Address: 北京市顺义区木林西沿头予人玫瑰领养小院
Pinyin Address: Beijing City, Shunyi District, Mulin Xi YanTou Village, Yurenmeigui Lingyang Xiaoyuan
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People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Rose Yard Rescue Group what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

queena yang artistic visionary at rose yard animal rescue beijing

Queena Yang
Artist & Dog Lover

stephanie zhang volunteer liason at rose yard animal rescue beijing

Stephanie Zhou
Volunteer Liaison

Mission 🙏

Established in August 2017, Rose Yard Rescue Group’s main rescue efforts go toward Beijing’s hundreds of thousands of stray dogs. They emphasize adoption over purchasing — because why buy a pet dog, when there’s so many adorable stray pooches looking for a family already?

What really sets Rose Yard apart is their artistic edge. Queena Yang — one of their original cofounders — is passionate about both visual arts and lovable dogs. Her vision to combine the two makes Rose Yard the unique organization it is today — a beautifully aesthetic dog rescue group.

You’ll know a dog comes from Rose Yard when it’s rocking a stylish sport suit, when it’s wearing a trendy fur-cut (haircut for dogs), when its ears are dyed hot pink.

If Vogue Magazine China ever publishes a dog fashion issue, Rose Yard dog will make the cover for sure.

Facts of the day! There’s an estimated 40 million stray dogs in China, and an increasing number of live on the streets of China’s major urban areas. Today, China has over 300 Chinese dog rescue organizations — Beijing alone with over 1000 dog yard rescue groups.

Rose Yard is a fine example of just how eccentric and fun doing good in this world can be. Day to day, Rose Yard’s volunteers take on mounds of responsibility helping Beijing’s Stray dogs.

  • Searching for lost dogs
  • Caring for dogs in the yard
  • Organizing dog-adoption events
  • Spreading informational resources about dog ownership
  • Collaborating with dog-related business and brand
  • Campaigning for dog-centered art exhibitions
  • …and much more!

With a special artistic touch, Rose Yard continues to strive towards a better future for Beijing’s many strays.

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