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Migrant Children's Foundation

Migrant Children’s Foundation (MCF) works with disadvantages children of migrant families, to provide support, service, and fundraising that improve lives. MCF’s major contributions are made through relationships with disadvantaged schools in Beijing — providing educational and healthcare opportunities to the students who attend them.

Updated: Aug 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Gain meaningful experience and do meaningful work as a volunteer with Migrant Children’s Foundation (MCF). Give your time, skills, and energy to help children of migrant families — lending a helping hand where it really matters.

Visit an under-resourced classroom to share your knowledge, or if you prefer a non-teaching role, learn more about MCF’s other projects. Find out how you can make a lasting contribution!

volunteer teacher talking with a small group of students at a migrant school in beijing

Give the gift of knowledge

Teach the subject of your choice to a class of migrant children

Updated: August 2019

Migrant children face enormous pressure growing up — often needing to both get high marks in school and to work during off time to support family finances. With such a high level of responsibility and such a young age, these children don’t get much time to open their minds to broader possibilities.

Every week, MCF’s “Beijing Buddies” program sends volunteers to visit disadvantaged schools around Beijing and to teach children of migrant families. If you’d like to teach a class (even just one Friday or Saturday), start by learning more on MCF’s “Beijing buddies” page, then reach out to MFC with your idea for what you’ll teach.

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Create your own role

Match your own skills and passions with MCF’s needs

Updated: August 2019

MCF keeps it flexible when it comes to how volunteers can get involved, and is open to receiving help in a form you’re comfortable with — both in-person and remote.

If you’re interest are in education, you could offer to do some curriculum planning, teaching, coaching a team, or any other way of working directly with students. If you live far away or prefer office work, try something you can do remotely, like social media, writing content, translation, merchandising, or research — really anything you like, as long as it fits in with MCF’s needs.

Check out more ideas for how you can help on MCF’s volunteer page, then contact MCF to propose your idea.

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Sponsor a child

Help change a special child's life for the better

Updated: August 2019

Growing up as a migrant child is not an easy way to go. Combine with exceptional cases of illness and other unique challenges, a select few children have a much harder road ahead. For these special cases, Migrant Children’s Foundation responds to meet their special needs.

To get involved, you can learn more about each child’s story on MCF’s special projects page. MCF if accepting donations on these special individuals’ behalf, where every RMB donated with go towards improving that individual’s circumstances.

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email (Main volunteer email)
Email: ← Tap to email (Email Helen directly)
WeChat: gh_5212f897337f ← Tap to copy (WeChat Official Account)

People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Migrant Children's Foundation what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

helen boyle directory and founder at migrant childrens foundation beijing

Helen Boyle
Director & Founder

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Marcus Vanderjack
Education Programs Manager

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Catherine Morton
Curriculum Specialist

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Mickey L
Marketing Coordinator

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Lizzie Moyo
Events Manager

Mission 🙏

Migrant Children’s Foundation (MCF) is a super-well established non-profit in the Beijing volunteer scene. Under the leadership of Helen Boyle — a real angel — MCF has grown from it’s early beginnings to become one of Beijing’s most influential charitable organizations.

The organization’s amazing volunteer staff organize events, manage education and health care programs, and maintain relationships with migrant schools. With warm hearts, MCF welcomes new volunteers who want to make a difference.

Volunteering with MCF is about sharing experiences, giving time, learning new skills and cultural exchange. On a regular basis, MCF offers weekly classes, health checks, field trips as well as sponsorship for children facing especially difficult situations. Throughout the year, MCF also organizes fundraisers with other local social enterprises, deliver Secret Santa gifts to disadvantaged children over the holidays, and other develop meaningful opportunities for Beijingers to get involved.

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