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Laughter is the best medicine. Magic Hospital brings play time and laughter to hospitalized and disadvantaged children in Beijing. Having fun is a basic human right and essential for development and well being, so for kids deprived of a carefree childhood, Magic Hospital organizes recreational activities and creates lifelong memories.

Updated: Aug 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Help create a fun-filled child-friendly environment and make dreams come true! Show off your unique personality and meet amazing people. Magic Hospital offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities creating magical experiences and precious memories for disadvantaged children.

Here’s an overview of opportunities to date. But if you have a fresh idea not listed, get in contact with the friendly people at Magic Hospital — they’re open to new ideas and collaborative projects!

beijing abcs colorful bilingual childrens book with both english and chinese pinyin

Buy or sell children’s books

Purchases of "Beijing ABCs" directly support Magic Hospital

Updated: August 2019

“Beijing ABCs”, written by Beijing expat Richard Robinson and illustrated by Ren Fengmian is a 52–page colorful, entertaining, and educational book for children ages 2-8 to learn basic Chinese words.

Pick up a copy for yourself or a friend. Or take it to the next level and sell the book to your network of contacts. All proceeds go to support the Magic Hospital’s mission.

sick chinese children with their parents and volunteers doing a creative arts and crafts play time activity

Join a play time activity

Bring happiness to kids (and their parents) during a stressful time

Updated: August 2019

Hospitals can be a stressful place, especially for children about undergo surgery or other major operations. Magic hospital has partnered with Huaxin Hospital to regularly visit and create a playful space for hospitalized kids. Activities range from creative arts and crafts projects, hilarious clown juggling performances, book reading and story telling, playing games, and many more.

To join the next play time session and bring a smile to a child’s face, get in contact with Magic Hospital to get further details!

making a wish come true for a happy young chinese boy

Make a magic moment

Magic Hospital’s "Make a Wish" program for hospitalized kids

Updated: August 2019

Being hospitalized takes a toll on a child’s spirits — isolated from family, friends, and the simple pleasures of a normal life. As a volunteer, you can help make a magic moment come to life for a child with an illness.

Magic moments take on many different forms. Delivering a toy the child has been dreaming of, preparing the child’s favorite food on his or her birthday, planning a day trip to see the child’s favorite movie, arranging a visit from a much-missed family member. The possibilities are endless! Just one little magic moment does wonders!

hospitalized chinese kids going for a feild trip at a local gymnasium organized by magic hospital

Organize a field trip

Take hospitalized children outdoors to discover new life experiences

Updated: August 2019

Living in a hospital long-term can feel dreary, drab, and downright depressing. Magic Hospital regularly organizes “Outdoorsy Days” to break the cycle, and help hospitalized kids get out and do something exciting. Recent field trips include, and exercise day at a local gymnasium, a excursion to the zoo, sightseeing at the Great Wall — anything to brighten up the kids’ daily routines.

As a volunteer, you can join an upcoming “Outdoorsy Day” Magic Hospital is already planning. Or if you have the means, propose to plan your new idea for a special day trip.

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email (Main volunteer email)
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WeChat: magichospital ← Tap to copy
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Chinese Address: 北京市朝阳区工体北路16号幸福园公寓1402
Pinyin Address: Beijing City, Chaoyang District, Gongti Beilu (Street), Xingfu Gongyuan No. 1402

Mission 🙏

If you’re as fortunate as the rest of us, it’s hard to imagine the pain, stress, and loneliness of being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and being hospitalized at a very young age. In a better world, no child would face this situation. But the problem still exists today, and Magic Hospital is making a big difference in these children’s lives.

Nobody knows fun better than Magic Hospital. With this keen insight, they’re bringing the power of laughter to hospitalized and underprivileged kids in the Beijing area.
The power of laughter is proven to enrich the mind and spirit, but also to help people through the pain and suffering of terrible illness. Furthermore, laughter is an integral part of any childhood — one which a surprising illness can take away.

While doctors and surgeons are experts of scientific medicine. The people at Magic hospital are experts of healing the soul through laughter and joy.

The “Magic Team” is working hard to spread smiles. They pay visits to the Beijing Children’s Hospital every Wednesday, and the Beijing University Hospital on a bi-monthly basis. Even after these regular visits have ended, the children are left with lifelong meaningful memories, a new sense of self-worth, and the greater sense of self-confidence.

With a good sense of humor, Magic Hospital is open to collaboration in many forms. They’re actively looking for volunteers and open to new ideas. They welcome gracious donations both small and large. Every second spent bringing a smile to a child’s face and every RMB donated to this worthy cause are put to good use — in the name of a happy childhood for all children in the world.

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