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Lost Puppies of Beijing

The Lost Puppies of Beijing is a network of people working together to help rescue, rehabilitate, foster, and rehome injured and abandoned dogs in Beijing. Join the network as an independent rescuer to get hands-on — helping a dog off the streets and into your care until they can finally find their forever home.

Updated: Oct 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Help homeless and injured dogs find a home. Check out all these ways you can volunteer and support The Lost Puppies of Beijing.

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Join the network

Take action for dogs in need — report, respond, and rehome

Updated: Oct 2019

The Lost Puppies of Beijing’s network of dog rescuers works collaboratively to report dogs in need and respond with medical rehabilitation and temporary care — until they can finally find their forever home.

How can you help? Take action as an independent rescuer! Lost puppies will guide you each step of the way — locating veterinarians, supplying links and care advice, giving fundraising advice, and more. Just follow these steps:

  1. Identify and rescue. Find a dog in need, and bring the dog into your own home.
  2. Medical checkup. It’s important to ensure the dog is in good health right away. During the first few days in your care, Lost Puppies will connect you with veterinary professionals so you can take him or her for a medical check (vaccine, deworm, deflea, etc). It costs around 740 RMB — if you can’t afford this on your own, the Lost Puppies network can help you with fundraising efforts.
  3. 2-week quarantine. It takes time to find a suitable foster home or adoptive family, so Lost Puppies has a 2-week quarantine policy. As an independent rescuer, take care of the puppy — food, walks, playtime and cuddles — for about 2 weeks.
  4. Find a foster home. Lost Puppies network will help you spread the word, until a suitable foster home is found — usually about 2 weeks, but sometimes longer.

Community members chip in to help out every step of the way — finding homes one pup at a time. To join the network, email Lost Puppies or add them on WeChat (WeChat ID: lostpuppies)

If you’re specifically interested in foster care or permanent adoption, check out Lost Puppies’ adoption page to see which puppies are up for adoption. Remember, they’re not mutts — they’re “Beijing Special”.

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Donate to puppies

Make a puppy happy through a generous donation

Updated: Oct 2019

The Lost Puppies of Beijing is completely funded by donations. So any donation you could offer — small or large — supports the cause in a big way.

Monetary donations can be made through WeChat or PayPal — whichever you prefer. Lost Puppies is 100% transparent about their financials, and let’s you choose how the money you donate should be used. Sponsor a specific puppy you’ve fallen in love with. Designate the donation to go towards food, medical care, dog shelter service fees — or whichever area you care about most.

You can donate new or gently used dog-friendly items, too — dog food, treats, bones, beds, leashes, collars, bowls, carriers, playpens, toys. Anything that a dog or dog owner could use.

To learn more, check out Lost Puppies donation page or simply send an email saying how you’d like to donate.

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email
WeChat: lostpuppies ← Tap to copy
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People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Lost Puppies of Beijing what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

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Naomi S

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Alex C

Mission 🙏

What started in 2018 as a small group of dog lovers, has now expanded into a thriving community with hundreds of members. Welcome to The Lost Puppies of Beijing — Beijing’s largest network of dog relief advocates.

To date, they’ve saved over 150 dogs from a life on the streets or euthanasia at “high kill” shelters. Collaborating together, The Lost Puppies of Beijing has streamlined a system of operations to ensure maximum impact — more happy dogs in loving homes.

When community members identify a doggie emergency, they quickly report the situation into a connected public WeChat rescue group. Other community members swiftly respond with support and advice on how you can help — arranging medical rehabilitation if needed, or otherwise scheduling a routine medical checkup. Once certain that the pup is in good health, the community finds temporary foster care until a permanent adoptive home is secured.

By leveraging the strength of community, The Lost Puppies of Beijing brings dog lovers together to make a difference in dogs’ lives — providing medical assistance and finding homes one pup at a time.

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