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Little Adoption Shop

Little Adoption Shop is a dog-lovers heaven — helping doggies overcome unfortunate circumstances in a variety of ways. Getting strays off the streets and into loving homes, helping sick puppies get the medical care they need, even putting dogs on planes to fly homeward bound. To answer that question on the tip of your tongue — yes, they tolerate cats too.

Updated: Aug 2019

Image credits: Little Adoption Shop [1]

Volunteer opportunities ❤️

The way Little Adoption Shops is helping dogs day-in day-out is dog-gone amazing. Check out the meaningful things you can do to show your support, give a dog a bone, and make a doggie’s dreams come true.

happy orange shorthaired dog jumping onto its owners leg with a smiley face

Adopt or foster a doggie

Give a puppy the love he or she deserves

Updated: August 2019

Even with three large dog care facilities in operation, Little Adoption Shop’s ultimate goal is to find loving homes for their pack of rescued dogs.

Head on over to Little Adoption Shop’s dog listing page to find a pup you can take care of, even if only temporarily. (Yep, there’s cats for adoption, too.)

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Buy the t-shirt or tote

Get Beijing's official dog lover merchandise to show the world you care

Updated: August 2019

Show the world you’re a true dog lover with Little Adoption Shop’s fashionable merchandize. At the same time, gain the peace of mind that your purchase supports Little Adoption Shop’s fight for animal rights, and thousand’s of dogs happy lives.

Check out Little Adoption Shop’s Taobao store for a super-cool selection of t-shirts, totes, posters, and more!

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Get help for a dog in need

Connect desperate pooches with people who can help

Updated: August 2019

If you know of a dog in dire circumstances — stray dogs in poor health, with abusive owners, or otherwise in danger — don’t turn the other cheek! Email Chris at Little Adoption Shop and get the expert support the poor pup needs.

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email (Email Chris directly)
WeChat: littleadoptionshop ← Tap to copy (WeChat official account)

People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Little Adoption Shop what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

christopher barden leader of little adoption shop

Christopher Barden
Lead Dog Rescuer

Mission 🙏

Little Adoption Shop — a Beijing-based dog rescue and adoption organization — has been helping our cuddly friends wag their tails with happiness since 2010. What started as an idea to create a grassroots “dog adoption shop” has grown into a full-scale rescue, rehabilitation, and relocation operation.

Fast forward to today, Little Adoption Shop is a modest name considering the huge impact this organization has achieved for animal rights in Beijing and greater China. The team spends their days on the front-line of Beijing’s animal rights movement.

Under the leadership of long-time Beijing expat Christopher Barden, these canine crusaders have caught countless illegal dog meat trade shipments in their tracks, saving thousands of lives — pups en route to the dreadful fate of a dinner plate.

Starting with a meager Shunyi District dog shelter with capacity for 50 dogs, Little Adoption Shop now operates three large-scale dog care facilities in the Beijing suburbs, taking over 1000 dogs into expert care.

Day-to-day the team searches for strays in dire circumstances and responds to life-threatening medical emergencies — for dogs who encounter serious traffic accidents, vicious dog-on-dog fights, or unspeakable human abuse.

When you see a smiling doggie with a wheelchair in place of a missing limb, and she’s happily running like the wind — you know who to thank.

But no pup’s life is complete until she is truly part of the pack. So Little Adoption Shop lists adorable homeless dogs on their website, in search of loving new adoptive families. They go the distance to help dogs find responsible owners wherever they may be — in Beijing, across China, and even international relocation to North America and Europe. The pooch gets on a plane and flies homeward bound to their new family in a far-off land.

These guys are Beijing’s ultimate dog lovers.

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