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International Newcomer's Network

Beijing’s expat community knows exactly how it feels to be just arrived in Beijing — overflowing uncertainty, heart-throbbing homesickness, and a whole new language and culture to learn. International Newcomer’s Network (INN Beijing) is a community of expats helping other expats live life to the fullest — right here in China’s capital city.

Updated: Oct 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

As an expat, what better community to serve than your next-hutong neighbors? Join the International Newcomer’s Network to make the transition into Beijing easier and more enjoyable. You don’t know a man’s trouble until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. Well, this is a pair of shoes you’ve worn before, right?

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Gather 'round the table

Meet people and share some solid Beijing know-how

Updated: Oct 2019

Beijing’s International Newcomer’s Network (INN) cares deeply about the well-being of fellow foreigners who’ve landed in Beijing. To keep the community thriving INN Beijing organizes regular activities where you can make connections and have fun with people in a similar situation — like monthly coffee mornings, wine dinners, and creative project nights.

To learn when and where the next event will be held — or to offer your service as a volunteer — simply email INN Beijing.

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With expats, for expats

Provide resources, knowledge, and support for fellow foreigners

Updated: Oct 2019

Meet fun people, build your Beijing social network, and give back to the local international community. International Newcomer’s Network (INN Beijing) welcomes volunteers to participate in a variety of ways. Whatever you’d like to do — simply contribute according to your time availability and personal interests. Some ideas include:

  • Host a morning coffee meetup
  • Organize a weekend flea market
  • Throw your own international-oriented event
  • Administrative roles like secretary or treasurer
  • …or however you think you can help out!

Send an email over to INN Beijing to offer learn more!

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email
Email: ← Tap to email
Phone: 010-848-622251 ← Tap to call (Office phone)
Chinese Directions: View on Baidu Maps
English Directions: View on Google Maps
Chinese Address: 北京市朝阳区新源南路京城大厦6号(三层活动室)
Pinyin Address: Beijing City, Chaoyang District, Xin Yuan Nan Lu, Capital Mansion Compound No. 6, Chaoyang District Capital Club Athletic Center, 3rd Floor Function Room

People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made International Newcomer's Network what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

juli bradley president at international newcomers network inn beijing

Juli Bradley

Mission 🙏

The term “foreigner” inherently means you come from a foreign land. That’s something seasoned expats seem to forget. If you’ve spent a few years in China, life here becomes the norm. But to the tens of thousands of expats who arrive here every year, landing in bustling Beijing is full of unfamiliarity. That’s where the International Newcomer’s Network (INN) comes in.

INN Beijing is a social network for foreign passport holders who’ve just arrived in Beijing. It all started over a quarter century ago in 1994. Back then, Beijing was a very different place — no English menus, no WeChat or Taobao, and cry me to sleep — Beijing craft beer wasn’t even a thing. In those days, you’d go weeks without even locking eyes with another foreigner on the street. It was the Wild Wild East — meeting people willing to share knowledge and tips about living in Beijing was a matter of survival.

Fast forward to today, INN Beijing is a community for all foreign nationalities — both newcomers fresh off the plane and seasoned expats who’ve settled down. The mission, however, has not changed. INN Beijing provides a strong support network for foreigners having trouble adapting to the China life, an opportunity to make new friends, and the empowerment to make the most of your time in Beijing.

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