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International Center for Veterinary Services

International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) is Beijing’s top pet hospital. They offer various non-profit humane animal welfare programs — healthcare sponsorships for stray and rescued pets, and informational resources and events for Beijing’s international community of pet-owners.

Updated: Nov 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Get involved with the professionally trained, legally licensed and completely bilingual veterinarians at International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS). Ensure Beijing’s pets live the best possible quality of life.

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Attend an Event

Take your furry friend along to an pet-friendly get-together

Updated: Nov 2019

Every month, International Center for Veterinary Services’ (ICVS) holds fun and informative activities for Beijing’s pets and pet-owners. Learn how to transfer your pet internationally, find out how to register your pet in Beijing, enjoy festive holiday-themed pet game — and more!

To find out when and where the next event will be held, follow ICVS’s WeChat (WeChat ID: ICVSCHINA), or get in touch with ICVS via email.

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Adopt a pet

Open your door — and your heart — to a fuzzy new family member

Updated: Nov 2019

A big part of International Center for Veterinary Services’ (ICVS) animal welfare initiatives is helping rescued and rehabilitated animals find a forever home. If you’re looking for a new member in your family — maybe a cuddly, furry member with eyes that make your heart melt — then check out all the healthy animals ICVS has up for adoption!

ICVS regularly posts information about dogs, cats, and other domestic pets in search of a new family. To find your new adoptive pet, check out the ICVS adoption page, add ICVS on WeChat (WeChat ID: ICVSCHINA), or email ICVS directly.

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email (Service inquiry)
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Phone: 010-845-61939 ← Tap to call (Office number)
WeChat: ICVSCHINA ← Tap to copy
Chinese Directions: View on Baidu Maps
Chinese Address: 北京市朝阳区望京阜通西大街融科橄榄城商街13-16号
Pinyin Address: Beijing City, Chaoyang District, Wangjing, Futong Xi Dajie, Rongke Ganlan Cheng Shangjie No. 13-16
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People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made International Center for Veterinary Services what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

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Mission 🙏

International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) is Beijing’s premier animal hospital offering full service healthcare for all types of domestic animals. Spaying and neutering, blood and diagnostic tests, vaccinations, x-rays, ultrasounds, and more — you name it, ICVS has you covered!

They also offer a full suite of pet-care services. Grooming and training, pet registration information, counseling for getting your pet in and out of the country — making your puppy or kitty happy and healthy, and putting any pet-owner’s mind at ease.

But what really puts ICVS on Hao Laowai’s radar are their humane animal welfare programs. ICVS pet care facility is the heartbeat of Beijing’s animal welfare initiatives — providing vast amounts of support for animal rescue groups and shelters.

Just one example, ICVS is one of China’s original advocates and educators for the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) method — a humane and effective process to alleviate China’s cat overpopulation crisis. So when an animal rescue organization finds a feral cat on the streets, ICVS neuters and vaccinated the cat. After fully recovered and nourished back to perfect health, the cat is returned back outdoors where they were originally found.

To some readers, the “Return” step might sound like it’s right back to a hard life for the cats. But considering the alternative — Trap-and-Kill — the TNR method is a much more life-affirming approach.

Plus, ICVS is very active participating in local adoptive services for both cats and dogs, too. Sometimes independently — sometimes in collaboration with Beijing’s many animal rescue groups and shelters.

For all things pet health care and animal welfare related, ICVS is a trusted expert with a high-standard for excellence and humane treatment.

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