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Horses Offering People Enrichment

Horses Offering People Enrichment (HOPE Beijing) enriches the lives of children with special needs in a very special way — by partnering with horses. Based in Shunyi District in Beijing, this non-profit organization offers horse-based therapy for disabled and orphaned children.

Updated: Sept 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

As a horse-lover or equestrian expert, you too can participate in the magic of therapeutic horsemanship. Check out how you can support Horses Offering People Enrichment’s (HOPE Beijing) awesome equine-assisted activities and therapies.

volunteer horse handlers preparing for a ride wearing matching blue shirts

Volunteer with horses

Organize equine-assisted activities for children with special needs

Updated: September 2019

HOPE Beijing welcomes volunteer assistance in many forms. Of course, of course, horse-handler and side-walker positions are available for you equestrian enthusiasts out there. But if you’re more comfortable indoors, there’s still a variety of ways you can help:

  • Writers, translators & content creators
  • Graphic designers & website managers
  • Assistance in fundraising & recruitment
  • Horse-friendly photographers
  • …and more!

Give HOPE Beijing a call to let them know how you’d like to help by calling in or by filling out their online volunteer application form. (Form is in Chinese language, so ask a friend. Or reach out to us at Hao Laowai. We’ll be happy to help.)

blind chinese child riding a horse while trained horse therapy experts guide the way

Fundraise with HOPE

Contribute to the staff, kids, and the horses

Updated: September 2019

Support the precious moments of connection that HOPE Beijing provide for kids with special needs. Most of HOPE Beijing’s budget relies heavily on donations, so every little bit is a big help.

So, make a donation — large or small. Keep HOPE Beijing’s dedicated staff and sweet horses galloping towards the horizon. Use the method you’re most comfortable with — via PayPal or Amazon Smile on HOPE Beijing’s website, or via HOPE Beijing’s donation portal on the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children website.

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email
Email: ← Tap to email
Phone: 150-115-47338 ← Tap to call (Luna's direct line)
WeChat: HOPE_BJ_CHINA ← Tap to copy (WeChat official account)
WeChat: Lunahaixia ← Tap to copy (Luna's personal account)

People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Horses Offering People Enrichment what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

priscilla lightsey founder ceo at hope beijing

Dr. Priscilla Lightsey
Founder & CEO

luna sun director of operations and programming at hope beijing

Luna Sun
Director of Operations & Programming

amy tripson equine and therapeutic horsemanship director at hope beijing

Amy Tripson
Equine & Therapeutic Horsemanship Director

omid ma head groom and instructor in training at hope beijing

Omid Ma
Head Groom & Instructor in Training

lucia zhou volunteer and program coordinator at hope beijing

Lucia Zhou
Volunteer & Program Coordinator

Mission 🙏

When you think of therapeutic treatment, interacting with horses isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but actually it’s got scores of scientific evidence behind it. Equine-assisted activities and therapies — EAAT for short — facilitates healthy development and rehabilitation in a variety of areas — physical, cognitive, and emotional.

Established in 2009 by Dr. Priscilla Lightsey, PT, DPT, MA, HPCS — Horses Offering People Enrichment’s (HOPE Beijing) is one of China’s first-ever centers for equestrian therapy. Located in Shunyi District’s Grasse Town Compound, they invite disabled and disadvantaged Childred to participate in human-and-horse sessions that are nothing less than magical. A typical session gives a safe environment for the child to learn the basics of horsemanship — grooming, feeding, leading, riding.

HOPE Beijing partners with fantastic local children’s organizations, like Migrant Children’s Foundation, Bethel, Roundabout and others from provinces all around China — inviting children to gain an unforgettable experience on the horse range. Gallop on over to HOPE Beijing to learn more about all the benefits of EAAT, and how you can help!

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