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Green Drinks Beijing

Green Drinks is an organic, self-organizing international network of environmental advocates — which looks to passionate people at the grassroots level to spearhead practical change that makes a positive impact on the future of our planet. Green Drinks Beijing is our local chapter, promoting environmental protection — starting right here in Beijing.

Updated: Dec 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Volunteering with Green Drinks Beijing starts with a glass in hand and an open mind. Attend one of their events — a fun social, movie screening, or art exhibit. Or learn more by checking out some of the ways you can get involved below!

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Have a casual drink

Meet like-minded green-collar professionals

Updated: Dec 2019

Green Drinks Beijing chapter organizes fun and casual social events every 2nd Tuesday of each month — and anyone interested in environmental protection is welcome to attend.

The people you’ll mingle with gather from different fields — government, academia, media, NGOs, and a few brilliant environmentally-minded introverts hiding in the corner. Each meetup has a theme or activity to look forward to — like documentary screenings, panel discussions, environmental research presentations, and more!

To learn when and where, simply email Alina at Green Drinks Beijing, or signup for their mailing list on Green Drinks Beijing’s website.

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Make a green impact

Convert your time and energy into a greener earth

Updated: Dec 2019

As a self-organizing network, Green Drinks Beijing is greatly dependent on helping hands who volunteer their time to support the cause. This year, volunteering at Green Drinks means you’ll take on responsibility to organize monthly meetups, promote the global Better Water Campaign at a local level, and above all — make the world a better place.

The best volunteers are committed, accountable, passionate, and a great communicators! Sound like you? I knew you’d look good in green!

To learn more about Green Drinks short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities, email Green Drink Beijing’s Alina to express your enthusiasm.

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email (Main email)
Email: ← Tap to email (Alina's email)
WeChat: bj_greendrinks ← Tap to copy (WeChat official Account)
WeChat: AlinaAug ← Tap to copy (Alina's contact)

People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Green Drinks Beijing what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

alina coordinator at green drinks beijing

Beijing Chapter Coordinator

aman coordinator at green drinks beijing

Beijing Chapter Coordinator

Mission 🙏

Best known for their monthly meetups — informal sessions for people who work in the environmental field to exchange ideas. If your answer to “are you green?” is yes, then you’ll fit right in. For people from NGOs, academia, government and business alike, the glue that holds the community together is a passion for sustainability.

Green Drinks has achieved networks of green-inspired people in six of China’s major cities — Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Suzhou. We at Hao Laowai are a more than a bit biased. But put your hands together for Beijing — I love this city!

Each year, local organizers around the world focus on a worldwide project to make practical change. By reconnecting organizations with practical solutions, they aim to reduce drinking water cost while reducing plastic waste.

Green Drinks Beijing offers a casual platform to combat on the world’s most serious environmental difficulties. It’s a force for the good where you’ll meet likeminded people and develop ideas for a new way forward. Cheers to environmental sustainability!

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