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Friends of Nature

Environmental advocacy isn’t usually the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of China. Friends of Nature (FON) is out to change that. Headquartered in Beijing, FON is China’s go-to-source for eco-friendly advocacy, environmental education, and grassroots campaigns to raise awareness for China’s environmental issues. Think green in China. Think Friends of Nature.

Updated: Sept 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Friends of Nature (FON) is rebuilding balance between humans and nature, preserving the ecosystem, and helping more people live green.

Join FON to build an eco-friendly China. Promote environmental education, low-carbon households, policy advocacy, and more.

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Make a paperless donation

Save a tree, and then some — Donate to support China's green future

Updated: September 2019

Making a donation is easy breezy with Friends of Nature’s (FON) online crowdsourcing platform. If you have WeChat pay, all it takes is a few taps to make a big difference.

Visit FON’s donation campaign page to offer an amount you’re comfortable with — small or large. If you want, you’ll even get you’re name listed on their monthly leaderboard of people to donated. (Donation pages are in Chinese, so break out your translator app, ask a Chinese friend of yours, or — heck — email Hao Laowai, we’ll be happy to help.)

friends of nature volunteers gathering littered plastic bottles in a muddy area of nature

Report a hazard

Tell the experts about a major environmental issue

Updated: September 2019

For serious calls to action responding to major environmental issues, Friends on Nature (FON) has a top-notch network of environmental advocates and professional to call on — we’re talking litigation action, legal support, social influence and more.

If you become aware of a current or potential environmental problem, say something. Such as:

  • Soil, water, or air pollution
  • Ecological damage
  • Climate change
  • …or other issues you are aware of.

You can make a report by filling out FON’s environmental public interest litigation form.

FON takes reports seriously, and asks that the information you provide is valid and factual. If you see a plastic bottle on the ground, pick it up and recycle. But for more pressing issues, this option is available. Get it?

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Volunteer for nature

Take action in Beijing's eco-friendly volunteer community

Updated: September 2019

Join a community of over 30,000 environmentally conscious volunteers. Friends of Nature (FON) is located in Beijing, but runs projects across China. So they’re bound to be a great opportunity right in your backyard. As a volunteer, you also get access to monthly insider news, and admission to eco-friendly conferences throughout the year.

FON is looking for help in a variety of areas. Here’s a few specific ideas, but they’re open to hear your ideas, too:

  • Writing, editing, design, social media, and content creation
  • Organizing nature activities outside or in the classroom
  • Translation of Chinese materials
  • Acting as fundraising ambassador
  • …and more!

To become a registered volunteer, fill out FON’s volunteer application form. (The volunteer application form is in Chinese, so break out your translator app, ask a Chinese friend of yours, or — heck — email Hao Laowai, we’ll be happy to help.)

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email
Phone: 010-652-32040 ← Tap to call (Office line)
WeChat: friends-of-nature_94 ← Tap to copy (WeChat official account)
Chinese Directions: View on Baidu Maps
English Directions: View on Google Maps
Chinese Address: 北京市东城区甘雨胡同53号万博写字楼368室
Pinyin Address: Beijing City, Dongcheng District, 53 Ganyu Hutong, Wanbo Office Bldg, Rm 368

People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Friends of Nature what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

yang yang environmental lawyer at friends of nature beijing

Yang Yang
Environmental Lawyer

zhao heng volunteer liaison at friends of nature beijing

Zhao Heng
Eco-Friendly Volunteer Liaison

Mission 🙏

Friends of Nature (FON) is China’s earliest organization to promote environmental awareness about China’s pressing environmental problems — building a greener China for over 20 years. They’re based in Beijing, and operate over 22 teams of volunteers nationwide.

FON believes that the key to change is environmental education. The more people learn about humans’ toll on the environment, the more people will make intentional choices to protect the environment. You can witness FON’s work in the classroom teaching kids, at enterprise and governmental conferences advocating for policy change, across media outlets spreading the word to the masses, and — of course — in the great outdoors cultivating enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Environmental education increases awareness. Awareness increases citizen participation. And that’s how China can achieve the dream of an environmentally harmonious society.

Grassroots collaboration is where it’s at. FON is proud to support, sponsor, and fund numerous other grassroots environmental organizations across China — truly spreading the seeds of environmental consciousness. Like a landscape as vast as the eye can see, so does FON foster a growing network of grassroots advocates that are building a greener future.

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