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Fresh Farm Plus

Fresh Farm Plus (FFP) is an organic farm bringing locally-grown organic veggies to customers in the Beijing and Tianjin areas. It’s a social enterprise delivering natures best direct to your door — promoting sustainable practices to benefit both customers and the environment.

Updated: Dec 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Join Fresh Farm Plus’ (FFP) community of eco-conscious consumers — organic veggie lovers who are putting sustainability into practice with each week’s land-to-hand delivery.

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Order a veggie box

Get fresh seasonal organic veggies delivered to your door weekly

Updated: Dec 2019

Straight from their organic farm, delivered same-day to your doorstep — Fresh Farm Plus (FFP) makes weekly shipments of local in-season veggies — in reusable minimum-waste packaging, too.

Before each week’s shipment, FFP posts what kinds vegetables and produce are included, and asks customers to verify their shipment and pay. Once verified, the produce is harvested, packed, and delivered. Organic voila!

To eat fresh, protect the environment, and support FFP’s sustainable business model — follow FFP’s WeChat (WeChat ID: freshfarmplus), signup for your account, and see what’s in this week’s harvest!

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Eat for charity

Refer a friend to win 40 RMB donated to the charity of your choice

Updated: Dec 2019

Fresh Farm Plus’ (FFP) selection of organic produce is so good, you’ll want to tell your friends.

Even better, you can participate in FFP’s Eat for Charity program. When a friend you refer places his or her first veggie box order, FFP will donate 40 RMB to the charity of your choice!

Charitable vegetables? That’s a great idea! Follow FFP’s WeChat (WeChat ID: freshfarmplus) to learn how you can get involved with FFP’s Eat for Charity program.

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Raise awareness

Check out how our neighbors in Tianjin are working towards sustainability

Updated: Dec 2019

When the folks at Fresh Farm Plus (FFP) aren’t down on the farm, they’re active raising awareness for environmental protection and sustainability in the local community. FFP are start members of Tianjin Envirocom — which in 2019 won the city’s committee of the year award for the third year in a row.

Follow Tianjin Envirocom on Twitter to keep up to date on their sustainability programs. We in Beijing would do well to congratulate our neighbors for a job well done.

Contact ☎️

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WeChat: freshfarmplus ← Tap to copy
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People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Fresh Farm Plus what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

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Mission 🙏

Living in China, one thing we all learn is just how great China does vegetables! With the West’s meat-centered dining traditions, we had no idea just how flavorful and diverse vegetables dishes could be.

Fresh Farm Plus (FFP) is one local business and social enterprise capitalizing on China’s vegetable-rich food culture — adding their own organic & sustainable twist. FFP is Australian-owned, offers 100% native English-speaking customer service, and delivers responsibly-sourced foods for Beijing and Tianjin’s food enthusiasts — vegetarian, vegan, or simply appreciative of pure natural produce.

Every aspect of FFP’s business model is thoughtfully planned and operated to promote safety of both consumers meal-to-meal and the environment at large. Their vegetables are grown organically, eggs are laid by free-range chickens — their shipments are even made using low-waste delivery methods and 100% recyclable packaging.

To eat fresh and nutritious — and put sustainable values into practice — make FFP part of your weekly routine. It’s something both mother earth and your dinner guests can agree on!

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