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Crazy Bake

Crazy Bake is a local bakery and social enterprise operated by people with mental health issues. Beyond its delicious selection of breads and baked goods — Crazy Bake provides assisted living patients with meaningful occupation, empowerment to live more independent lives, and support to reintegrate into the community.

Updated: Dec 2019

Image credits: Crazy Bake (Beijing) [1]

Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Sweet or salty, light or hearty — you’re going to love this bread! Nourish your tummy and your soul — enjoy Crazy Bake’s appetizing selection of fresh-baked breads.

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Pick up some bread

Find your most convenient point of delivery — then treat yourself to fresh-baked goodness

Updated: Dec 2019

Crazy Bake keeps busy baking up some of Beijing’s best breads. They offer an outstanding selection breads and other baked goods:

  • White breads
  • Wheat breads
  • French breads
  • Specialty breads
  • Pretzels
  • Bagels
  • Biscuits
  • Rolls
  • Croissants
  • Small cakes
  • Cookies

Throughout each week, Crazy Bake delivers fresh-baked breads to to different locations around Beijing.

To learn what’s on the menu, and when and where you can pick it up — check out Crazy Bake’s products page. To confirm availability, get in touch with Natascha (Phone & WeChat ID: 135 2089 3359) or Yvonne (Phone & WeChat ID: 137 1821 1334).

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Organize a group order

Get your friends or coworkers together to chip in for some great baked goods

Updated: Dec 2019

For larger orders of 10 breads or more — the more the merrier — Crazy Bake can deliver directly to where you live or work.

Perfect for Friday office delivery or when your planning a party with friends — get your colleagues, friends, or family members together to bulk order some of Beijing’s best baked breads.

Please contact Crazy Bake a few days in advance, to give the bakers time to prep for perfection. Place your order by phone or WeChat — contact Natascha (Phone & WeChat ID: 135 2089 3359) or Yvonne (Phone & WeChat ID: 137 1821 1334).

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email (Yvonne's contact)
Phone: 135-208-93359 ← Tap to call (Natascha's number)
Phone: 137-182-11334 ← Tap to call (Yvonne's number)
WeChat: 13520893359 ← Tap to copy (Natascha's WeChat)
WeChat: 13718211334 ← Tap to copy (Yvonne's WeChat)

People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Crazy Bake what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

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Head Kitchen Chef

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Yan Yun
Head of Hospital

Mission 🙏

Known by bread-lovers around Beijing for it’s remarkable breads. Crazy Bake’s baked goods are presentably wrapped in brown paper, with a signature purple sticker — carrying a meaningful note:

“Made with love by Crazy Hands. You are giving the mentally ill an opportunity to improve their lives though work.”

The social enterprise has been in operation for over 10 years, serving Beijing’s foodie community with wholesome and tasty breads — and helping people with mental illness achieve independence and valuable life skills.

The bakery works in close cooperation with Beijing Chaoyang District Mental Health Service Center to provide a opportunities for mental health patients to learn and grow.

Just like bread is a metaphor for life — you’ll hear success stories of people in joining Crazy Bakers during their time of assisted living at the mental health hospital — later moving on to complete independent living as proud members of society.

With support from both bread-lovers and mental health advocates, Crazy Bake is baking up a brighter future for local people with mental health challenges.

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