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Clothing Auction Network

Clothing Auction Network is a group of Beijing-based women advocating for sustainable fashion. The community holds regular events to swop clothes, refresh wardrobes, and spread the message of ethical fashion. High quality clothing is auctioned off to the highest bidder — and all the money raised goes to charity!

Updated: Dec 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Join Beijing’s Clothing Auction Network to break the endless cycle of consumption. You’ll be part of a global village of women sharing wine, food, laughs, friendship — and a passion for ethical fashion. #clothingrevolution

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Join the network

For the love of sustainability, community, and charity — join a network of women changing the face of fashion

Updated: Dec 2019

Clothing Auction Network is an online and offline community — hosting about 5 in-person events per month in Beijing, and staying connected during offtime in local WeChat groups. There lots of exciting ways to get involved in the name of ethical fashion:

  • Update your wardrobe at the next auction
  • Donate your high-quality garments for the next auction
  • Become a WeChat group digital volunteer
  • Organize your own clothing auction event
  • …and more!

To join the WeChat group and learn more, message the organizers on WeChat — Rebecca (WeChat ID: becstarnz) or Pauline (WeChat ID: paulus155).

Contact ☎️

Phone: 130-711-62353 ← Tap to Call (Rebecca's mobile number)
WeChat: becstarnz ← Tap to copy (Rebecca's contact)
WeChat: paulus155 ← Tap to copy (Paulines's contact)

People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Clothing Auction Network what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

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pauline organizer at clothing auction network beijing


Mission 🙏

Beijing-based Clothing Auction Network started back in 2014 as a small group of expat women with a knack for fashion — and an idea to support sustainability in their community. Fast forward to today, the community has grown to over 500 members raising over 120,000 RMB for charity each year.

Plus, hundreds of new friendships made and thousands of secondhand clothing items circulated.

The community usually meets in the homes of one of its members, creating a genuinely intimate environment to form relationships, celebrate community, promote sustainable fashion sense, and support local charities. And don’t forget the amazing garments you’ll take home after an auction!

The Clothing Auction Network network is all about feeling connected, changing consumer habits, and giving back to community. A fashion-foward community of women changing the fashion world for good. #sustainablefashion

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