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“Meow” sounds a lot like “Ni Hao”, don’t you think? Say hello to Cat-Kind, the new cat on the block, making Beijing a more cat friendly city. It’s a community of local cat-lovers who promote stories about kitties in need, connect cats with loving families, and fundraise for felines with special needs.

Updated: Sept 2019

Image credits: Cat-Kind (Beijing)

Volunteer opportunities ❤️

If you’re in Beijing, and love cats as much as team Cat-Kind, then make sure you chip in to the cause and join Beijing’s best community of cat-lovers!

stray kitten named scout looking for a new adoptive family within the cat kind community

Share a cat's tale

Help a lonesome feline friend find a loving new home

Updated: September 2019

One of Cat-Kinds top priorities is making sure no cat gets left behind! Each has a place to call home, and a responsible family taking care of them.

Cat-Kind’s WeChat account (Cat-Kind_Connect) is a source for up-to-date stories about adorable stray kitties in need of a home — at-risk of spending an entire Beijing winter outside in the tremendous cold.

You can help by spreading the word. Check out Cat-Kind’s WeChat Moments to learn about all the cute kittens, then pass it along to your friends who love cats, too. Who knows — maybe someone you know will open their hearts and their home to welcome a new feline family member!

sick cat wearing chew protective collar getting expert veterinary care funded by cat kind

Save a kitty's life

Make a quick donation to help a cat get emergency medical care

Updated: September 2019

For those unfortunate felines who get sick, the illness can quickly become a life or death threat. Cat-Kind runs an urgent response program. They identify cats in need of emergency medical care, then ask for help of Beijing’s cat-loving community to make timely donations and save a life.

Any donation you make — small or large — goes directly to fund emergency expenses for the little puddy tat in need. Check out Cat-Kind’s WeChat account (Cat-Kind_Connect) to find a cat you can help!

Contact ☎️

WeChat: Cat-Kind_Connect ← Tap to copy (Contact Cat-Kind)

People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Cat-Kind what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

teddy hairball detective at cat kind beijing

Hairball Detective

kiwi ceo cute executive officer at cat kind beijing

CEO (Cuteness Executive Officer)

Mission 🙏

Established in early 2019, Cat-Kind is the animal rights newcomer that everyone’s meowing about. Under the simple mission to make Beijing the most cat friendly city in China, you can find Cat-Kind providing cat adoption services — and fundraising for medical costs of kitties with life threatening medical emergencies.

Cat-kind’s news, announcements, and calls for help can be found on their WeChat official account (Cat-Kind_Connect), where they help raise awareness about cats in need, share individual kitty’s personalities and stories, and get our cute feline friends the help they need.

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