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Voted Chi Fan For Charity’s top charitable organization on 2019, Bethel China in on top of their game — focusing on livelihood opportunities for children with visual impairments. Headquartered in Beijing, they run total 5 children’s centers across China, which offer foster care, education and therapy programs for blind children — many of whom are orphans. Bethel’s work empowering blind kids to lead equal, full lives is second to none.

Updated: Aug 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

It takes unimaginable effort to create the change the way Bethel has and continues to do. If you share Bethel’s vision, there are numerous creative ways you can volunteer, donate and advocate for children with visual impairment.

Learn how you can help give these special blind children a genuine family atmosphere, a real sense of pride, and the self confidence it takes to live life to its fullest.

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Visit the children's center

Witness the magic at Doudian Home and Farm in southwest Beijing

Updated: August 2019

Bethel’s Doudian Home and Farm is located in Beijing’s southwest countryside, about 60 km away from the city center (under 2 hours by public transit). As Bethel’s home base for cultivating the education and life skills for children with visual impairment, it’s where dozens of children of all ages call home.

You can experience the magic first hand by scheduling a visit to the Doudian children’s center. Please schedule ahead of time, and while there be respectful of the structured environment — basically just be a good guest. To learn more, check out Bethel’s visit page. Then simply email Susan Qu with your details to arrange your visit.

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Join the team

Advocate for the "Love is Blind" movement — make a lasting contribution

Updated: August 2019

Beijingers welcome — both locals and expats! The volunteer work needed really depends on the current projects, activities or events Bethel has underway. While Bethel prefers volunteers who contribute on a regular basis, there are certain cases where a short-term is much needed.

Bethel offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities — related to teaching and education, medical care and therapy, office work and organizational operations — and the list goes on.

Groups can volunteer, too! Especially during autumn harvast season, Bethel has lots of farm work in their Doudian children’s center that needs taking care of — a great time to get a group of people together.

To learn more about current volunteer needs and how you can help, visit Bethel’s team page, then propose how you’d like to help!

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Sponsor a child

Even from afar — be a gracious caregiver and loving friend

Updated: August 2019

Bethe’s child sponsorship program allows people unable to volunteer a way to support the cause. If you don’t live in Beijing or near Bethel’s other children centers — or if your life simply keeps you too busy — you still have the chance to make a big change in a blind child’s life.

By donating about 35 USD (or 300 RMB) per month, you can ensure a visually impaired child grow ups in a safe and loving environment, under Bethel’s expert support and care. And a bright future, too — cultivating independent spirit and life skills to later lead an extraordinary adult life.

It’s your choice whether to provide a donation to Bethel, or to select a specific child who’s life story you matches your own belief system. For more information on how you can start, check out Bethel’s child sponsorship page.

Contact ☎️

Email: ← Tap to email (Main volunteer email)
Email: ← Tap to email (Child sponsorship email)
Phone: 010-586-92169 ← Tap to call (Bethel office)
WeChat: BethelChina2003 ← Tap to copy (WeChat official account)
Chinese Directions: View on Baidu Maps
English Directions: View on Google Maps
Chinese Address: 北京市朝阳区朝外大街乙6号朝外SOHO B座05071房间
Pinyin Address: Beijing City, Chaoyang District, Chaowai Street, Chaowai SOHO Zone B, 6B No. 05071

People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Bethel China what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

delphine gauvain cofounder of bethel china

Delphine Gauvain

guillaume gauvain cofounder of bethel china

Guillaume Gauvain

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Volunteer & Sponsorship Liaison

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Susan Qu
Children’s Center General Manager

Mission 🙏

Over 10 years ago, Guillaume and Delphine Gauvain moved to Beijing to start what is now the most widely acclaimed organization supporting children with visual impairments — touching the lives of over 130 kids in five foster homes, and 1000s more through outreach activities.

Beyond providing housing and life’s essentials dozens of orphans, Bethel looks to the future of these bright you to solve the question: What will happen once when they grow up and leave of school? Well-established educational programs teach develop the children’s ability to live life confident in the face of sightlessness, and excel in the real world. Indeed, the future is bright.

Bethel provides much more than a place for blind children to call home. Bethel offers the livelihood opportunity of a lifetime.

In addition to the top-notch children’s centers, Bethel is no stranger to building strong relationships and executing meaningful projects and fundraisers. Notable examples include:

  • Bethel’s adoption program, which creates life-long love for new families with visually impaired children.
  • Child sponsorship program, which builds of monetary and emotional support from around the world to ensure the success of a special blind child.
  • Educational workshops, which give expert knowledge to parents, teachers, and caregivers of blind children.

Dozens of amazing people are working to support Bethel’s powerful impact in the world of visual impairment — people transforming darkness into light.

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