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Beijing Improv is the first and longest-standing improv troupe in China — an all-volunteer organization that puts on outrageously unexpected comedy shows. Enjoy impromptu entertainment that’ll knock your socks off — plus you give yourself a high-five — all ticket earnings go to support the community and other charitable causes.

Updated: Nov 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Laugh-out-loud funny and with a heart of gold, Beijing Improv’s blend of comedy and charity just makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Get involved to show this city what humor for a good cause looks like!

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Go see a show

Get tickets for the next fabulous improv performance

Updated: Nov 2019

So funny you’ll fall out of your seat — Beijing Improv hosts monthly performances in the Gulou and Sanlitun areas.

Run by ex-professional and semi-professional performers, it’s the only bilingual improv show this side of the Yangtze. Each performance has it’s own season-appropriate special theme that’ll leave you crying with laughter — sizzling hot barbecue jokes for the summer and ice-cold zingers for the winter.

To get the schedule, shout “I’m a banana cowboy” out your window tonight at 3am. If that doesn’t work, try contacting Beijing Improv via email or WeChat (WeChat ID: gh_27206afd2d8e).

Act fast, these tickets sell out faster than mantou at the morning market.

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Join a workshop

For aspiring performers to learn the ropes of improv comedy

Updated: Nov 2019

Yes — even you can learn to be funny. Every week, Beijing Improv welcomes aspiring performers to join practice classes — for free!

Weekly workshops — usually on Wednesdays — take place at the US-China Comedy Center conveniently located in the heart of Gulou hutongs.

Each session focuses on a specific aspect of improv performance. Newbies and has-beens alike can gain valuable practice on your CROW (character, relationship, objective and where). Surgeon general’s warning — high risk of uncontrollable laughter.

Email Beijing Improv or add their WeChat (WeChat ID: gh_27206afd2d8e) to spark up the conversation.

By definition, improvised performance happens on-the-fly. But you’re not on stage yet — please let them know you’re coming ahead of time.

Contact ☎️

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Mission 🙏

Improv comedy is a completely unscripted, and influenced by audience suggestions. It looks like the improvisors are making things up as they go. But if you look deeper, you’ll spot well-trained techniques that add structure and depth to the scene.

There’s a real strong metaphor going on here. On stage, you’ll learn the balance between on-the-fly antics and practiced technique. Yes — Beijing Improv is an incredibly hilarious form of entertainment. But if you look deeper, you’ll find it’s grounded in meaningful social impact.

Comedians giving back to the community is what Beijing Improv is all about. It’s an all-volunteer organization that puts ticket sales towards a good cause — either supporting the improv community or to assist charitable organizations throughout China — raising funds, growing awareness, and spreading smiles.

Beijing Improv strives to make improv available to the the broader community — and behind the scenes — to provide support for people in need. Experience the magic for yourself. No scripts. No lines. No premeditated plan. It’s creative, spontaneous, outrageous comedy — all for a worthwhile cause.

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