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Beijing Community Dinner

Beijing Community Dinner (BCD) is a volunteer-run community — where Beijing’s international community gathers to share good food and ideas for social impact. They organize regular dinners at highly-recommended restaurants — each dinner focuses on a unique issue in the social and environmental sector.

Updated: Dec 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

Get involved with Beijing Community Dinner (BCD) to eat, meet and learn about important some of today’s most pressing humanitarian issues. Find a community of people who believe in a better future for China and the world.

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Attend a dinner

Meet likeminded people to enjoy quality cuisine and conversation

Updated: Dec 2019

Beijing Community Dinner (BCD) organizes dinner get togethers every few weeks. Each time at a new restaurant location — both delicious and affordable. And each time with a new guest speaker — from local non-profits, NGOs or other charitable organizations.

The community of both local and international friends gather for delicious dining and informal conversation. As the dinner comes to a close, the guest speaker will be invited to share a 10-20 minute talk about an important social or environmental issue their organization is working to solve.

To RSVP for the next dinner activity, signup for BCD’s newsletter, or get in contact via email.

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Organize a dinner

More than a meet and greet — bring people together and promote social impact

Updated: Dec 2019

Meeting interesting new people, experiencing a new Beijing restaurant, and reflecting on how we can take action to make the world a better place. What’s not to love?

Maybe you have a particular social or environmental issue you want to bring to people’s attention? Maybe you’d just like to make some new friends or professional contacts. Here’s your opportunity to cross all these things off your checklist — by volunteering with Beijing Community Dinner (BCD) to bring a dinner event to life.

There’s lots of different ways you can help out — finding a dinner venue, inviting a guest speaker, promoting the dinner event, and more.

Check out BCD’s volunteer page to learn more about how you can help. To get started, email BCD stating how you’d like to help.

Contact ☎️

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Mission 🙏

“Great people, interesting ideas, and good foods” — Beijing Community Dinner (BCD) is an all-volunteer run community that’s bringing people together for all the right reasons.

Right here in the convenience and comfort of Beijing, here’s your chance take a culinary expedition — trying out a new restaurant serving great food from China’s diverse regional culinary traditions — or sometimes an international menu, too.

But what’s better than a dinner event where you can meet new people? A dinner event where you’ll learn about and discuss a social issue — and even get an informative talk from an expert speaker on the topic.

Become a world citizen learning how you can make a difference. Here’s just a few examples of topics from past dinners:

  • Efforts to save Asia’s endangered snow leopard
  • Support and challenges of China’s LGBT community
  • Strengths and weaknesses of China’s education system
  • Unique characteristics of suicide prevention in China
  • Orphaned and left-behind children of migrant workers in China
  • The divide between China’s rural and urban development
  • …and plenty more!

BCD is an inclusive international community of thoughtful world citizens — bringing people together to share good food and ideas to solve the world’s most important environmental and social issues.

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