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Beijing Cat

It’s no coincidence that Beijing Cat’s name is so original. They’re one of Beijing’s first-ever organizations to help cats in need — operating since 2001. Beijing Cat is a group of local cat-lovers who’ve been helping stray cats find homes for almost 20 years. (And a few dogs, too.) These feline welfare advocates are making “hissstory”!

Updated: Oct 2019

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Volunteer opportunities ❤️

If you’re in the mood for cats, be sure to check out all the ways you can help stray kittens find a “fur-tunate” ending in a happy cat-friendly home.

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Host a homeless cat

Care for a cat when she needs it most

Updated: Oct 2019

On any given day, you can find the team at Beijing Cat handling dozens of cats — that’s a lot! While the ultimate goal is to find permanent homes for the cats, there’s an interim period after the cats are rescued from the streets and before the cats are placed into permanent homes. This is exactly the time when you can make a big difference.

As a cat foster, you’ll provide a comfortable, safe, and playful environment for the cats — just temporarily. Foster care volunteers are pivotal in helping rescued cats make the transition from a dangerous street life to finding a healthy new home.

Another big bonus is that you get to meet more cats with different “purr-sonalities”. To learn more about how you can foster a cat, check out Beijing Cat’s foster care page, email Beijing Cat, or add Scarlett on WeChat (WeChat ID: inthemood4cat).

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Adopt a feline friend

Welcome cute cuddly kitty into your home

Updated: Oct 2019

For cats, nothing makes ‘em happier than having a nice home with a loving family. For you, nothing beats the feeling of adding a new feline family member to love and cuddle for a lifetime.

But do realize, adopting a cat is a big commitment — the time to care for and love your furry friend, the money for food, supplies, and medical attention. For true cat enthusiasts, it’s a labor of love. The companionship you provide will contribute towards the nurturing of your kitty — making you, the kitty, and the world a happier place.

To learn more about how you can foster a cat, visit Beijing Cat’s adoption page, email Beijing Cat, or add the founder on WeChat (WeChat ID: inthemood4cat).

Contact ☎️

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People 😎

Meet the kind-hearted people who've made Beijing Cat what it is today. Reach out for a friendly chat to learn how you can help.

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Scarlett Zhang

Mission 🙏

20 years of “cat-tastic” service? Now that’s what I call dedication! Beijing Cat proves that “nothing is impawsible”. To date, they’ve helped relocate over 1000 kitties into new loving homes.

Beijing Cat offers a trifecta of services, tailored to each individual cat’s specific needs:

  • TNR program
  • Medical treatment program
  • Foster & adoption program

Most unique is the TNR program — trapped, neutered and returned. One of the underlying causes for Beijing’s stray cats problems is the lack of cat-owners awareness about best practice for reproductive health of their feline counterparts — too many owners never neuter or spay their pet cats.

A typical litter of ranges between 3 to 5 kittens, but in rare cases can include more than 10 newborns. The sad fact is most cat-owners are unwilling or unable to support the kittens — and the situation often results in abandonment or worse.

Beijing Cat’s TNR program is a practical approach to solve this problem. By partnering with local veterinarians, they work to neuter more cats — stopping the cycle of cat abandonment in its tracks.

Beyond the TNR program, Beijing Cat helps stay cats get medical treatment and foster care, until a permanent adoptive home is secured. Beijing Cat makes sure Beijing’s cats are treated humanely every day, all over the city. They inspire care for kitties in crisis — dedicating years of service and expertise to help more cats live “purr-fect” lives.

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