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Beijing-based arts collective — celebrating poetry, fiction and music

Updated: Nov 2019

Join the community

Fiction readings, poetry workshops, and more — Find your literary calling

Buy the magazine

Gain exposure to China’s most exciting new voices

Get involved

Give back to Beijing's passionate community of readers and authors

Chi Fan For Charity

Good eats, good times, good causes — Asia's largest F&B event for charity

Updated: Nov 2019

Spread the word

Ensure this year’s Chi Fan For Charity dinner event is the best yet

Book a table

Share an exquisite evening with your friends — in the name of charity


Your personal and professional development platform in Beijing

Updated: Nov 2019

Join the community

Get access to BeHive sponsored events and information

Volunteer as a trainee

Get active inspiring success & lead your own projects

Dew Drops Little Flower

Creating hope for children with complex medical conditions

Updated: Oct 2019

Visit the children

Meet the kids and learn about the project first-hand

Volunteer with the kids

Open your heart to kids with complex medical conditions

Sponsor a child

Donate directly to a special child's health and growth

Voice of Longquan

Promote fulfillment and enlightenment through Chinese Buddhism

Updated: Oct 2019

Join the social media team

Build an online bridge between Eastern and Western thought

Promote Buddhism your way

Propose how you’d like to help, based on your own skills and passions

The Bulk House

Mainland China's first social enterprise promoting zero waste

Updated: Oct 2019

Learn the philosophy

Educate yourself and others about the zero waste lifestyle

Join the community

Attend or volunteer at an upcoming local zero waste event

Choose zero waste products

Shop for items that support a reduced waste lifestyle


Mental health advocates providing social support to Beijing's international community

Updated: Sept 2019

Submit your own story

Let people in a similar situation know they're not alone

Check out MoodLab

Visual arts campaign exploring bipolar disorder through real people

Join the support group

A safe space for local people suffering from mental health challenges

Advocate for mental health

Volunteer to raise awareness and education for mental health

Fresh 🌷

Start fresh with Beijing's newest volunteer opportunities. Find friendly people making change in the community today — proactively looking for support. Explore what Beijing's volunteer community has to offer, meet new people, and give back at the same time. Get with the go-getters!


Intellectual community for Chinese and foreign academics to share ideas

Updated: Nov 2019

Beijing Improv

Hilarious bilingual improv comedy — for a charitable cause

Updated: Nov 2019

Vegans of Beijing

Volunteer community promoting all things vegan in Beijing

Updated: Nov 2019

Smart Air Beijing

Transparent social enterprise combating the impacts of air pollution

Updated: Nov 2019

Lifeline Shanghai

Confidential support by phone or chat — 10am to 10pm 365 days a year

Updated: Nov 2019

Beijing Mindfulness Centre

A safe and inspiring environment for mindfulness, learning, and growth

Updated: Oct 2019

Rotaract Beijing West

Achieving fellowship through service and fun

Updated: Oct 2019

Roots & Shoots Beijing

A Jane Goodall project taking action for wildlife and the environment

Updated: Oct 2019

Green Drinks Beijing

Beijing’s organic, self-organizing network of environmentalists

Updated: Oct 2019

Rose Yard Rescue Group

Stray dog rescue & adoption with artistic pizzaz

Updated: Oct 2019

Lost Puppies of Beijing

Finding homes one pup at a time

Updated: Oct 2019

Beijing Cat

Beijing's original cat rescue crew

Updated: Oct 2019

International Newcomer's Network

Where new and seasoned Beijing expats connect

Updated: Oct 2019

Horses Offering People Enrichment

Magical experiences with horses for children with special needs

Updated: Sept 2019

Towards a Compassionate Nation

Vegan outreach community promoting love for all animals

Updated: Sept 2019

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