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Support mental health and mindfulness in Beijing

Volunteer opportunities 🙏

Your journey to inner-peace shall not be alone. Beijing’s local community surrounding mental health and mindfulness is thriving — with various people and organizations working to help more people gain peace of mind. You’ve come to the right place to meet like-minded people — to share, to learn and to inspire:

  • Mindfulness workshops
  • Mental health support groups
  • Meditation meetups
  • Buddhism and Zen practitioners
  • Well-being activities & events
  • …and more!

For all people — those suffering from mental disorder, and those simply trying to find more purpose in life — Hao Laowai hopes to connect you with the local people who make it all possible.

Take a moment to celebrate mindfulness and mental health in Beijing. Transform your life in the process.


Mental health advocates providing social support to Beijing's international community

Updated: Sept 2019

Submit your own story

Let people in a similar situation know they're not alone

Check out MoodLab

Visual arts campaign exploring bipolar disorder through real people

Join the support group

A safe space for local people suffering from mental health challenges

Advocate for mental health

Volunteer to raise awareness and education for mental health

Beijing Mindfulness Centre

A safe and inspiring environment for mindfulness, learning, and growth

Updated: Oct 2019

Join a mindfulness session

Practice mindfulness and meditation to cultivate emotional health

Voice of Longquan

Promote fulfillment and enlightenment through Chinese Buddhism

Updated: Oct 2019

Join the social media team

Build an online bridge between Eastern and Western thought

Promote Buddhism your way

Propose how you’d like to help, based on your own skills and passions

Lifeline Shanghai

Confidential support by phone or chat — 10am to 10pm 365 days a year

Updated: Nov 2019

Contact the helpline — Confidential support by phone or chat — exactly when you need it

Support Lifeline — Just 50 RMB provides one hour of helpline & online support

Become a volunteer — Offer the heart-to-heart contact that makes a real difference

Beijing — where the mindfulness magic happens 🧠

The world faces a mental health epidemic fueled by internet information overload. We’re surrounded by people who appear happier, more successful, better-looking than us. Comparing own lives to other peoples’ perfect lives. We feel insignificant and unworthy, and our mental health suffers.

More and more important in this modern world are practices of mindfulness and self-care.

In Beijing, if we surround ourselves with people who are kind, conscious, and supportive — we are more likely to be inspired to be like them. We can learn to appreciate the simple blessings in our lives. We can learn to love ourselves.

At Hao Laowai we are grateful for Beijing’s mental health community. In China, like many places around the world, there remains a lot of shame and stigma associated with mental illness. Depression and anxiety is not an easy topic to talk about. But mindfulness advocates in Beijing are changing that.

Local mental health experts provide resources and support for people facing clinical mental disorders — all the while, raising awareness among the general public to promote understanding and acceptance.

And for people simply looking for happiness or purpose, Beijing’s mindfulness practitioners gather to promote self-awareness, thoughtfulness, and well-being. People helping people on the path to greater self-discovery.

Volunteer your time to free your mind, and inspire others to do the same. Get involved in Beijing’s thriving mindfulness and mental health communities.

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