Beijing's coolest volunteer opportunities

Food For Charity 🍞

Great food, great causes — helping charities in Beijing

Volunteer opportunities 🙏

Behold the power of food — bringing people together and building communities. Beijing is home to some amazing charities and social enterprises — organizing all kinds of awesome food fundraisers:

  • Charity bake sales
  • Community dinners
  • Vegan restaurant outings
  • …and more!

For all you foodies in Beijing, this is where you can eat delicious cuisine and support a good cause while you’re at it. So pull up a chair — because food for charity nourishes the body and the soul.

Crazy Bake

Social enterprise baking delicious breads in the name of mental health recovery

Updated: Dec 2019

Pick up some bread — Find your most convenient point of delivery — then treat yourself to fresh-baked goodness

Organize a group order — Get your friends or coworkers together to chip in for some great baked goods

Bread of Life Bakery

Gourmet Western bakery where every bite supports an orphan

Updated: Nov 2019

Buy baked goods — Enjoy fresh baked goodness — every bite supports an orphan

Vegans of Beijing

Volunteer community promoting all things vegan in Beijing

Updated: Nov 2019

Go vegan together — Attend a delicious, nutritious, and eco-friendly local vegan event

Chi Fan For Charity

Good eats, good times, good causes — Asia's largest F&B event for charity

Updated: Nov 2019

Spread the word — Ensure this year’s Chi Fan For Charity dinner event is the best yet

Book a table — Share an exquisite evening with your friends — in the name of charity

Fresh Farm Plus

Local organic farm — delivering fresh produce from the land to your hand

Updated: Dec 2019

Order a veggie box — Get fresh seasonal organic veggies delivered to your door weekly

Eat for charity — Refer a friend to win 40 RMB donated to the charity of your choice

Raise awareness — Check out how our neighbors in Tianjin are working towards sustainability

Beijing Community Dinner

Where local people gather to share good food & ideas for social impact

Updated: Dec 2019

Attend a dinner — Meet likeminded people to enjoy quality cuisine and conversation

Organize a dinner — More than a meet and greet — bring people together and promote social impact

Support Beijing's tastiest charities 🍞

As a basic human necessity, food is the one thing that universally brings people together. And when you enjoy food in support of a good cause, it tastes even better.

Some of Beijing’s most successful fundraisers are driven by the community’s appetite. That’s something both your heart and tummy can agree on.

Are you getting hungry yet? Check out how you can enjoy great food and support a great cause — right here in Beijing. By simply buying a meal ticket, joining a community dinner, or ordering some baked goods — you’ll be able to support meaningful local causes and make a difference.

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