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Go green 🌳

Protect the environment with Beijing’s community of eco-friendly activists

Volunteer opportunities 🙏

Environmentalists of Beijing unite! Join the local volunteer community to make a difference in environmental sustainability and conservation — in the city, across China, and worldwide. Beijing offers a wide variety of fun and meaningful environmental volunteer opportunities to match your passions:

  • Campaign for raised environmental awareness
  • Pick up litter and trash around your local community
  • Educate kids and community members on daily green living practices
  • Submit your writing or research to a nature conservation magazine
  • …and many more!

Every action taken to protect the environment puts a smile on mother nature’s face. So hike up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, help make make Beijing a greener, happier place!

The Bulk House

Mainland China's first social enterprise promoting zero waste

Updated: Oct 2019

Learn the philosophy — Educate yourself and others about the zero waste lifestyle

Join the community — Attend or volunteer at an upcoming local zero waste event

Choose zero waste products — Shop for items that support a reduced waste lifestyle

Clean Up Movement

Make eco-friendly life choices — Clean Up Beijing

Updated: Sept 2019

Pick up litter — Meet up at a litter-filled location to spend an afternoon CLeaning UP Beijing

Join the community — Share, discuss, and make friends with people in Beijing who care about the environment

Smart Air Beijing

Transparent social enterprise combating the impacts of air pollution

Updated: Nov 2019

Educate yourself — Learn about air pollution & purification in the knowledge base

Request a workshop — See for yourself what cost-effective clean air looks like

Breathe clean air — Choose the air purification system aligned with your values system

Roots & Shoots Beijing

A Jane Goodall project taking action for wildlife and the environment

Updated: Oct 2019

Get involved — Protect wildlife and the environment as a volunteer or intern

China Dialogue

Where China and the world discuss the environment

Updated: Sept 2019

Translate reader comments — Facilitate cross-culture communication to solve environmental issues

Submit your writing — Write your own article and analysis about the state of environmental affairs

Friends of Nature

Promote environmental protection through education, advocacy, and experiences with nature

Updated: Sept 2019

Make a paperless donation — Save a tree, and then some — Donate to support China's green future

Report a hazard — Tell the experts about a major environmental issue

Volunteer for nature — Take action in Beijing's eco-friendly volunteer community

Towards a Compassionate Nation

Vegan outreach community promoting love for all animals

Updated: Sept 2019

Join a vegan event — Meet, support, and celebrate likeminded local vegan enthusiasts

Rehome a pet — Find a home for a dog or cat looking for love and cuddles

Green Drinks Beijing

Beijing’s organic, self-organizing network of environmentalists

Updated: Dec 2019

Have a casual drink — Meet like-minded green-collar professionals

Make a green impact — Convert your time and energy into a greener earth

Vegans of Beijing

Volunteer community promoting all things vegan in Beijing

Updated: Nov 2019

Go vegan together — Attend a delicious, nutritious, and eco-friendly local vegan event

Fresh Farm Plus

Local organic farm — delivering fresh produce from the land to your hand

Updated: Dec 2019

Order a veggie box — Get fresh seasonal organic veggies delivered to your door weekly

Eat for charity — Refer a friend to win 40 RMB donated to the charity of your choice

Raise awareness — Check out how our neighbors in Tianjin are working towards sustainability

Live green in Beijing 🌿

While China stands in the spotlight of the world environmental debate, Beijing is home to people and organizations who are working to save the environment. In a developing country like China, environmental issues often take a back seat to economic development, but a new sprout of environmental awareness has emerged with China’s young generation — keen on building a clean and green future.

Give mother nature the love she deserves!

To find a rock solid foundation for China’s nature conservation movement, look no further than the grassroots projects underway in Beijing today.

Preserving the environment is super-important for our quality of life in general — and even more importantly, the survival of life on earth. Environmental volunteering is your chance to protect nature and wildlife — and in China, there’s no better, more accessible place to volunteer than Beijing.

Protect the environment, starting in Beijing.

If you love the great outdoors and believe in a more sustainable future, then green volunteering is a great fit for you! There are layers and layers of good that come from working with environmentally focused initiatives to promote nature. You’ll get some green experience, and maybe even dive into a green career!

Make a green future for China and the world!

Go green in Beijing to make a positive impact on the environment! Explore the natural world and help shape China’s next generation of environmental supporters.

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