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Undoubtedly, Beijing is China’s culture capital — and that’s the #1 reason to be proud of living in Beijing. Hidden in the mysterious hutong alleyways, you’ll find communities and subcultures of people deeply passionate for a certain facet of the arts. Join a culture-rich community to explore your creativity:

  • Creative workshops
  • Poetry & fiction readings
  • Comedy performances
  • Intellectual discussion forums
  • …and more!

Here’s your ticket to deepen your cultural experience, and enjoy the finer things in life. By volunteering within a cultural community that sparks your curiosity, you’ll meet memorable people and give back to a cause you care about.


Beijing-based arts collective — celebrating poetry, fiction and music

Updated: Nov 2019

Join the community

Fiction readings, poetry workshops, and more — Find your literary calling

Buy the magazine

Gain exposure to China’s most exciting new voices

Get involved

Give back to Beijing's passionate community of readers and authors

Beijing Improv

Hilarious bilingual improv comedy — for a charitable cause

Updated: Nov 2019

Go see a show

Get tickets for the next fabulous improv performance

Join a workshop

For aspiring performers to learn the ropes of improv comedy


Intellectual community for Chinese and foreign academics to share ideas

Updated: Nov 2019

Join the discussion

Get involved with a passionate network of Beijing's brightest minds

Apply to volunteer

Promote open conversations about China’s role on the global stage

Discover Beijing’s finest culture and art projects 📚

Art makes the world a beautiful place — and Beijing is the the perfect platform for you to develop your own unique artistic edge. Home to an awesome list of cultural communities, getting involved with Beijing’s cultural communities is more accessible than ever before.

Support the arts in China’s arts capital

Nothing tells the story of a city better than its art. Possessing the unparalleled ability to illuminate people’s lives, the arts and culture bring people together — inspiring deep human connection.

Even better, studies show that artistic enrichment leads to a more balanced life — greater nourishment for society and yourself — emotional, intellectual and psychological. Especially in the fast paced city of Beijing — sharing artistic expression, enjoyment, reflection can positively impact your life and the lives of others.

Empower yourself and others through arts & culture

Beijing offers a variety of cultural volunteer projects — so you’re sure to find one that matches you passions and creative talents.

  • Authors & poets
  • Literature enthusiasts
  • Comedians & performance artists
  • Academic researchers
  • International politics experts
  • …and tons of awesome people you should meet!

Discover your creative calling, by taking part in artistic communities right here in Beijing. Volunteer to pass on your skills and knowledge, and to learn new things yourself. Grow as an artist and as an individual.

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