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Shout out to our brothers and sisters — doing the good work in cities around China. We put together the internet's most complete list of charities, non-profits, social enterprises, and social impact projects located in major Chinese cities — Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and more.

At Hao Laowai, we think breaking world records is cool — especially when it’s for a good cause — and even when the Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t come knocking on your door. Without further ado, here’s the internet’s longest list of local volunteer opportunities in China!

shanghai volunteer opportunities

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Shanghai volunteer organizations

Shanghai Animal Rescue

Grassroots dogs rescue, shelter, and adoption operation — finding homes for "Shanghai Special" dogs (non-purebreds) both locally and abroad.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: ShanghaiAnimaleRescu

Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR)

Cat rescue, shelter and adoption — caring for Shanghai’s stray cats until a permanent adoptive family is located.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: PPAR_sh

Second Chance Animal Aid (SCAA)

Non-profit animal shelter improving the health and welfare of abandoned animals through education, advocacy, medical care, foster care, and rehoming.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: SCAAShanghai

Best Friends China (BFC)

Animal adoption agency helping cats and dogs find loving homes and the care they need to survive and thrive.

Website: | WeChat: BFC_520


Spreading bunny love and improving the lives of Shanghai’s domestic rabbits — through adoption services and bunny care educational resources.

Email: | WeChat: tutuaixinzhijia

Spare Leash

Social enterprise and pet sitting community of animal lovers — connecting pet owners to verified pet sitters, to will take great care of your pet while you’re busy or on vacation.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: SpareleashLTD

Hear to Heart Shanghai (H2H)

Shanghai-based charity providing corrective surgery for children from all over China with congenital heart defects — supporting though fundraisers, donated goods, and hospital play sessions.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: gh_9ae8a0505d4c

Shanghai Sunrise

Education-empowerment non-profit organization breaking the cycle of poverty by raising funds for educational scholarships for underprivileged and at-risk young people.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: ShanghaiSunriseSHSR

Baobei Foundation

Providing surgeries and post-surgical rehabilitation for Chinese orphans with life-threatening birth defects.

Website: | Email:

Mifan Mama

Making a difference in children's’ lives — supplies food, clothing, educational support, medical support and equipment to orphanages in Shanghai and six other provinces.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: seemawalia

Shanghai Healing Home

Non-profit foster home, alternative school, and physical therapy center caring for and teaching children with a variety of medical conditions who would not be able to attend public school.

Website: | Email:

Will Found

Orphanage specializing in development of children living with physical or mental disability — giving "left behind” children a chance to flourish.

Website: | Email:

À Pleines Mains (APM)

A non-demoninational charity helping the most needy people in China — specifically orphans and the physically disabled.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: APM-A-Pleines-Mains

Beacon of Love

Creating awareness for congenital heart disease — giving "the gift of a normal life” to hundreds of children across China.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: BeaconOfLove

CereCare Wellness Centre

Residential facility providing rehabilitation care and social support to children and young adults suffering from cerebral palsy.

Website: | Email:

Essential Learning Group (ELG)

Social enterprise helping children with special needs in China through special education programs and therapy services.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: chinaelg


NGO of special education professionals and advocates improving the condition of special education in China.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: xiersen_NGO

Stepping Stones

Not-for-profit charitable organizations improving the education and general welfare of disadvantaged children in China — teaching English, digital literacy and other subjects to underfunded schools in Shanghai and around China.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: steppingstoneschina

Lupin Foster Home

Public welfare platform for abandoned babies with surgically correctible deformities — arranging medical treatment, pre-operative care and post-operative rehabilitation.

Website: | WeChat: lupin26102

Hongkou House of Hope (HHH)

Non-profit organization improving the lives and wellbeing of adults with disabilities — making the community feel loved, appreciated and a part of society.

Email: | WeChat: laurablancotoro

Shanghai Baby Home

Charity which transports orphaned children from all over China to receive surgical and other treatment for congenital disease — helping orphan babies from impoverished towns seek the medical care they need.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: shanghaibabyhome

Poppies Garden

Dog rescue and adoption services with dozens of dogs waiting for a home.

WeChat: poppies-garden

Green Initiatives

Non-profit organization building awareness, running projects, and making change toward sustainable models of growth and consumption.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: greeninitiatives

Shanghai Roots & Shoots (SRS)

Shanghai chapter of Jane Goodall’s world-wide youth initiative — environmentalist community taking action to make the world a better place for animals, the environment, and humans alike.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: roots_shoots

Trash Running (TRC)

Running for trash, clean Shanghai's streets, and raising awareness for the environment wellness — this non-profit organization is China’s No.1 community for social plogging (combination of jogging with picking up litter).

Website: | Email: | WeChat: trashrunning

Home Sweet Home

Social enterprise with outreach, training, and employment programs that empower homeless, disabled and above-age orphans to become independent members of society.

Website: | Email:

Community Center Shanghai (CCS)

Not-for-profit organization connecting, supporting, and enabling families and individuals of Shanghai's international community — including their CharityLINK events that match volunteers to organizations who need volunteers.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: CCSShanghai


Free emotional support to hotline — providing English-language telephone and chat service to China's international community 10 hours per day 365 days per year.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: LifelineConnect

The Renewal Center

Changing the lives of homeless people in Shanghai — providing basic support, meals, friendship and warmth — an opportunity for displaced people to gain employment, stability and a permanent home.

Website: | Email:

Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB)

Charity program that empowers young adults forced to drop out of school due to unfortunate family situations (such as parents' death, illness or imprisonment) — providing free training in French baking to help them find qualified jobs and lead independent lives.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: shanghaiyoungbakers


Shanghai’s for hub for high-impact initiatives focused on society and the environment — connecting the local community of socially-concious dreamers and doers.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: FeiyChina


Annual festival put on by Shanghai’s LGBTQ community — celebrating diversity, raising awareness of LGBTQ issues, and to promoting self-acceptance for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: Shanghai-PRIDE

Shanghai Non-Profit Meetup

A group for anyone interested in nonprofit work and volunteering in Shanghai — building a community of locals who enjoy giving back and helping others.


B人BEL (Babel)

Community of idealists advocating for equality, social inclusion, and the value of diversity through media production and education programs.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: pyramidofbabel

Hands On Shanghai (HOS)

Promotes volunteerism and empowered communities — works with over 20 non-profits helping regular people to get involved with meaningful volunteer programs.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: HOS-1991004

Mom2Mom (M2M)

Reliable place for Shanghai’s international community to sell or buy pre-loved, good condition children's and women's items — all in support of local charities.

Website: | WeChat: momtomomsale

Shanghai Mamas

Non-profit community of international families living in Shanghai — parents’ primary source for support, encouragement, helpful information, and practical advice.

Website: | Email:


Empowering Shanghai’s international community to achieve greater personal and professional growth — find training events and resources for learning and reflection.

Website: | WeChat: MotivateShanghai

Rotary Club of Shanghai

Shanghai's division of the international Rotary Club — partnering with various local organizations to support charitable initiatives.

Website: | Email:

Effective Altruism

Shanghai’s local chapter of a global community using reason and evidence to ask the most important question — "How can we use our resources to help others the most?


guangzhou volunteer opportunities

Image credits: Flickr [1] [2]

Guangzhou volunteer organizations

Animal Action Guangzhou (AAGZ)

Non-profit volunteer operation specializing in animal rescue for life-or-death trauma cases of stray cats and dogs in Guangzhou — they rescue animals, run a shelter, and handle all animal relocation logistics.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: AnimalActionGZ

Guangdong International Volunteer Expatriate Service (GIVES)

Community service platform for expats to get involved helping children and families in Guangdong — including education, medical, rehabilitation, orphanage and elderly care.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: gh_67dfa728a8ce

Zero Waste Guangzhou

Advocate group of zero-waste and plastic-free living — providing Guangzhou’s environment-concious community with helpful tips and need-to-know news about green living in China.

Email: | WeChat: ZeroWasteGuangzhou


Environmental protection NGO focused on recycling, waste sorting and garbage management in Guangzhou — working towards towards eco-friendly solutions and advocating for zero-waste.

Website: | Email:

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG China)

Independent grassroots NGO formed by LGBT and parents, friends and supporters of LGBT to serve and support LGBT people in Guangzhou and greater China.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: qinyouhui002

Global Friendship

One of the largest foreign communities in southern China — an integrative service platform to connect expats and locals, offer support services, give access to opportunities and develop a strong community.

Website: | WeChat: GlobalFriendship

Healthy Living in China (HLIC)

Guangzhou-based mental health community — Helping people build healthy habits one day at a time, running regular support groups, and more!

Email: | WeChat: HLIC88

Yue Shan 100

Grassroots volunteer group hitting the streets to share a meal with Guangzhou’s homeless and more — providing food, clothing, daily amenities and sometimes medical assistance for those in need of treatment.

WeChat #1: reneezhangzicheng | WeChat #2: kenkong88

Project Jingle Bells

Volunteer-run food and clothing drive helping Guangzhou’s homeless community — delivering care packages year-round, plus some extra-festive visits around Christmas.

WeChat: aquadefresco

shenzhen volunteer opportunities

Image credits: Flickr [1] [2]

Shenzhen volunteer organizations

Karuna Rescue

Animal rescue group based in Shenzhen dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs and cats from the meat trade — including abused or abandoned pets.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: gh_c8d0a9b01875

SZCat Network

Community platform of pet owners, volunteers and pet hospitals providing solutions for Shenzhen’s stray cats — raising knowledge about local animal welfare and taking action together.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: szcats

Judy's Dog Rescue

Grassroots dog rescue group caring for Shekou’s strays for over 15 years — rescuing, fostering, dog-walking, and adoption all-in-one.

Website: | Email:

Wellview Children Foundation

Non-profit organization helping children living in poverty receive basic education in Shenzhen’s Longsheng County.

Website: | Email:

Promised Land

Special education and psychological counseling center — teaching children with mental challenges such as autism independent life and work skills for a better tomorrow.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: promise-land

Min Ai

Education and therapy center building self-confidence and life skills for physically and mentally challenged children who are unable to go to normal schools.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: szminai

Shenzhen Autism Society (SAS)

Improving the lives of children and adults affected by autism — raiding awareness, advocating for appropriate services, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education and research.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: szautism001

Tiantian Day Rehabilitation Center

Preschool center for deaf and mute children — cultivating reading, writing, listening, speaking, and lip-reading skills empowering the children to learn at Shenzhen’s rigorous elementary schools as well as any other kid.

WeChat: tiantiankangfu


Environmentalist social enterprise organizing non-profit events for waste collecting, second hand exchange, eco camps raising awareness for green living — and selling for-profit products with high-standard for environmental protection.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: green_foot

Shenzhen Green Drinks

Self-organizing network of environmentalists holding informal meetup sessions known as Green Drinks — local chapter of a global eco-friendly community.

Website: | Email:

Shenzhen Blue Ocean Conservation Association (BOCA)

Marine environmental protection organizations creating awareness for the prevention and control of marine environmental pollution for a happier blue ocean — offers beach clean-up, meetups and events throughout the year.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: szboca2005

Dive4Love Coral Conservation

Volunteer organization keeping South China Sea’s coral reefs healthy and protected — organizing coral reef clean-ups, ecosystem checkups, and educational events about marine environment protection.

WeChat: dive4love

International Recycling NGO (IRNGO)

Links companies and charities sustainably redistributing excess production and otherwise wasted products to schools, orphanages and minority communities from Shenzhen to Guanxi, China.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: irngo_fr

A Heart For China

International charity group helping poor people, elderly, autistic and disabled children, orphans and the helpless in Shenzhen — organizing regular events and visits to rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: AHeartForChina


Well known for Shenzhen charity and fundraising events — partners with other charities (like Shenzhen Charity Federation) on a mission to help impoverished and disadvantaged children gain opportunities for a better tomorrow.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: captivating2008

International Shenzhen Art Forum (ISZAF)

Organization connecting and engaging artists with the local community in Shenzhen — organizes regular drawing sessions, gallery shows, artist challenges, an art magazine.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: bdaebischer

One Foundation

Shenzhen’s NGO making philanthropic causes accessible to everyone in every possible way — focused on disaster relief, children's welfare and promoting philanthropy culture.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: one-foundation

Invision Shenzhen

Charity organization organization and community of young leaders — organizing community services and charitable events bringing more attention and care to socially disadvantaged communities — creating a love, harmony and and inclusive world.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: INVISIONSZ

The Lions Club Shenzhen

Government-affiliated social welfare charity working towards a variety of causes — including orphans, poverty alleviation, environmental protection, community services and more.

Website: | Email: | WeChat: szlions380

Book Exchange Shenzhen

Shenzhen’s biggest English-language library and book club community — hosting regular readers’ hangouts, discussions, and book donation drives.

WeChat: BookExchangeSZ

Shenzhen Women's International Club (SWIC)

Social club for female expats living in all areas of Shenzhen — getting newcomers up-to-speed and hosting regular activities including charitable events.


H.O.P.E. Shenzhen

“Help One Person Everyday” is a community of people that believe the small things count — bringing volunteership and good spirits to daily interactions.

WeChat: gh_006471047708

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