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Beijing is home to a diverse volunteer community. Pick a cause that peaks your interest. Get a full list of local volunteer opportunities working towards the cause you care about.

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Find the right place to volunteer in Beijing — doing exactly what you love to do. We keep a complete and up-to-date list of local volunteer gigs, so you can discover the opportunity that matches your unique style.

We promote real people doing good in the community. Because it's really about the people, isn't it? Hao Laowai puts you in direct contact with the friendly men and women keeping the volunteer community alive. So, you can have a personal conversation even before you decide to volunteer your time. Just say hello!

Dew Drops Little Flower

Creating hope for children with complex medical conditions

Updated: Dec 2019

Bread of Life Bakery

Gourmet Western bakery where every bite supports an orphan

Updated: Nov 2019


Beijing-based arts collective — celebrating poetry, fiction and music

Updated: Nov 2019

Roots & Shoots Beijing

A Jane Goodall project taking action for wildlife and the environment

Updated: Oct 2019

Lost Puppies of Beijing

Finding homes one pup at a time

Updated: Oct 2019

The Bulk House

Mainland China's first social enterprise promoting zero waste

Updated: Oct 2019


Mental health advocates providing social support to Beijing's international community

Updated: Sept 2019

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